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Founder: Eartha Lowe

Photographs are one way to tell about something beautiful. You may also draw or paint pictures. You may sing or dance. You may write a poem or a story. Cooking Green Goodness is Canada’s 1st black-owned 100% vegan food and wellness magazine, showcasing empowered eating through the beauty of art.

With our head office located in Toronto, Canada, we pride ourselves on being a trailblazer. Our readership is worldwide. Our contributors hail from around the globe. We are inspired to provide a platform where we can highlight the vegan food and culture that exists in the Caribbean community, and amplify voices in the conversations surrounding plant-based food.

The Food And Drink section of Cooking Green Goodness Magazine features healthful, delicious vegan recipes from talented food writers and bloggers, food photographers, and recipe developers in the food industry. What you get is a mini cookbook in every issue along with: wellness, nutrition and fitness articles; activism; a look at food security matters; latest news and developments in veganism, such as the different factors that afford us the opportunity to enjoy the many substitutes available for all the animal products that even non-vegans enjoy.

Our Mission

Create writing and journalism opportunities.

Manage projects to highlight the latest news and developments in veganism, such as the different factors that afford us the opportunity to enjoy the many substitutes available for all the animal products that even non-vegans enjoy.

Work with causes for the protection of, and ethical treatment of animals.

Inspire a shift in thinking about how we choose to nourish our bodies.

Expand this magazine's reach by building a community willing to learn about the many ways to embrace vegan living.

Empowered Eating

If you take a look at the history of home cooking, you’ll learn that it’s a style which took advantage of the abundance of a beautiful land and its natural agricultural resources. Home cooking, from scratch, is part of a people’s story:  the wonder of creating, the pleasure of time spent in the honest pursuit of tradition and nourishment of our bodies and those of our family. Also, let’s be honest, eating food is a major source of joy in everyday life. This magazine advocates for nutritious, healthy eating, and is passionate about cooking and creating vibrant, flavourful dishes, using whole, down to earth ingredients. Join Cooking Green Goodness Magazine on a journey of good food and recipes for your wellness.

In no particular order, thank you to our readers in Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad, France, Greece, India, Singapore, China, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Thailand, and everyone who embraces the notion of compassion and a brighter future for all mankind. Let’s get cooking!

Advertising Policy

Cooking Green Goodness Magazine accepts advertising based upon its mission to promote a natural health and wellness vegan lifestyle. All advertiser applications are subject to the terms and conditions of  Cooking Green Goodness Magazine’s advertising agreement. Cooking Green Goodness Magazine is not responsible for the products offered or the viewpoints expressed therein.

Editorial Note

The content provided in this magazine is for educational and informational purposes only and is in no way intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or other health condition. Your use of the content is at your sole discretion. The content does not constitute medical advice and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a licensed practitioner or health care provider.

Written material, illustrations or photographs from this magazine are copyrighted and must not be reprinted, duplicated or transmitted without prior written consent.

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